Yoga for Back Care: Re-align and Liberate Your Spine!

This class is specially designed to bring relief from postural dis-ease of the spine and cultivate a balance of strength and flexibility so you can sit, stand, move and breath with more freedom

TUES 8.00pm-9.30pm

Price: 15euro for drop-in /  60euro for a 5 class pass (class passes are valid for six months from purchase and can be used for all classes except lunchtime LYFT)

Back problems are an epidemic in our modern culture. Many of us, because of work or other daily patterns, sit more than we stand or move, and unfortunately we don't often sit in a way that preserves the natural curves of the spine.  


We have also become avid users of devices the use of which pulls our skull forward and down, causing a rounding in the upper spine, an increase in the “load” on the lower spine.


In short, modern living encourages us into unhealthy postures that cause rampant upper and lower back DIS-EASE. Furthermore, this rounding in the upper body holds us in a shallow breath pattern, and when we are not free to breathe deeply we disable the body's natural self-regulating energy system--breath is life and if we are not breathing fully we are not living fully.

Focused, gentle, mindful yoga CAN HELP. Yoga hOMe sligo will soon be offering a weekly class specifically to address back care.

we'll use a variety of props from the support of chairs and straps, to the self massage of yoga therapy balls to access all areas that need attention and re-patterning. 

This class is suitable for all levels. However, if you are suffering from an acute episode of pain and/or have recently had a surgery please do consult your health care practitioner to see whether this class is advised for you. Also, please contact me before dropping in for first time so we can assess your situation.