private classes - explore your own adventure in movement and awareness

Do you feel stuck in your body or your life? Are you always feeling busy, stressed out, bouncing between restlessness and exhaustion? Yoga can help--it is an ancient but timeless technology that simultaneously taps into your potent energies and strengths while also cultivating greater sense of relaxation, awareness and integration. The practice of yoga challenges you wherever you need it, transforming stuck spots into areas of surprising power, and creating more overall strength and range of motion both physically and mentally. Opening up new pathways, new opportunities for both ease and excitement in the body and mind, yoga is a wild adventure into the previously uncharted territory of you.

Whether you are just thinking about trying yoga for the first time, in the early stages of practice, or a relatively regular practitioner, everyone can benefit from private instruction.

FOR THOSE JUST BEGINNING: Yoga is not one size fits all. There are a lot of different styles and teachers out there and you may spend a lot of money and try a lot of studios/teachers before you find something that resonates. A few private classes at the outset can help orient you to some basics so that you can make an informed choice about what might work best for you. Individual instruction at the very beginning of your yoga experience can also help identify patterns in your body that may require specific re-patterning in order to bring ease and balance into your practice. It can prepare you for the challenges, but also make sure you face them with the modifications and tools that keep the practice satisfying and sustainable for you.

FOR THOSE IN EARLY YEARS OF PRACTICE: Private instruction can give you the kind of attention there's often just no time for in a public class. It can help address questions you have about alignment, overall and/or in particular poses. We can work with poses you like, extending and expanding, or work with poses you “dislike” and explore how and why they challenge you. We can pinpoint particular strengths and weaknesses in your postural patterning and find strategies to develop your strength and range of motion in ways that are safe and stimulating for you.

FOR THOSE WITH A WELL ESTABLISHED PRACTICE: Everyone can always benefit from another set of eyes. Very often we feel that a pose is "not quite right" but cannot figure out what's out of alignment, perhaps posturally or energetically. A fresh perspective may breathe life into a practice that's mature but maybe a little tired. Or perhaps you may wish to delve into yoga philosophy . . . a truly wild adventure!

private or small group classes are designed to fit the need of your own exploration, be it in the realms of movement (yoga asana), awareness (meditation practice), poetry (reading and writing projects) and sharing (building community). 

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I look forward to unfolding a new adventure with you