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Oh Noble Ones, Never Forget The Luminous Nature of Your Heart Mind. Trust it. It is home
— From the Teachings of the Buddha

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The path of mindful yoga is a journey home to the radiance of our true nature, the realisation of the dynamic and deeply interconnected process of being body mind heart. It's a fundamentally mysterious adventure in both knowing and unknowing ourselves, in experimenting with physical posture and movement techniques and contemplative methodologies while remaining open and curious about what lies beyond the logic and precision of formal systems of yoga and meditation.

To fully live up to our human potential, we need practices that deliberately integrate the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of our being; we need to explore yoga poses in ways that open us to the currents of heart and mind, and we need compassionate meditation, grounded in an immediate and visceral connection with our bodies.

No one else can walk the path for us, but we do not journey alone. Coming home to ourselves is not a solitary isolating experience, but one of finally feeling we fully belong, as poet Mary Oliver puts it, "in the family of all things."

The way we hold and move our bodies reflects a history of perception patterns, throughts about the world, mental maps charting territories inside and outside the body, as well as movements and the reactions we received from them. The flesh has embodied our mental and emotional history, and as long as it is alive it provides lessons and even opportunities to find freedom and understanding from mental confusion. Yoga asana practice when done mindfully is a minitheater of the mind and heart, teaching both visceral and intellectual truths to the attentive
— Richard Freeman from "the Mirror Of Yoga: Awakening the Intelligence of Body and Mind