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  • yoga hOMe sligo 7 John F Kennedy Parade Sligo, County Sligo, F91 WK59 Ireland (map)

Why Yoga? And Why Yoga for Men? 

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This 3 week Introductory class sets you up with some of the basics of the yoga practice so that you can comfortably transition into a mixed gender and mixed ability class, with some clearer knowledge of the different kinds of ways yoga can be practiced and more information about what kind of class would best suit your needs: gentle, dynamic flow or strength/stamina based.

Why Yoga?

 - Yoga will help you develop strength & flexibility (in both body and mind). YOU DO NOT NEED TO ALREADY BE EITHER STRONG OR FLEXIBLE -- these are capacities that will develop with practice.

 - Yoga teaches you about stress relief and relaxation

 - You will learn critical information about how to protect your spine from poor postural habits than often lead to back problems

 - Yoga gives you more confidence in yourself, reduces a sense of anxiety and offers a perspective where you can open to more happiness in your life


Why Yoga Just for Men?

It's funny that many guys tend to think of Yoga as a "women's" thing because up until the last century, yoga was almost exclusively practiced by men and the ladies were excluded. The tables have turned and in the west nowadays, ladies far out number the men in the yoga studios but gentlemen, we want you back! However, it seems some guys are hesitant to be the lone guy in the room, so we are hoping that beginning with this special Men's course, guys will feel less self conscious about trying yoga.

Overall Gentlemen, Yoga is a great way to meet new people (possible your next sweetheart) and is a great way to spend time doing something that your partner may enjoy or just appreciate YOU doing. Why not give it a try? 

registration required: 35 euro for 3 weeks