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Daylong Mindfulness Retreat: Taking Refuge in The Radiant Abodes

  • yoga home sligo 7 John F Kennedy Parade Sligo, County Sligo, F91 WK59 Ireland (map)
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This is an opportunity to retreat into the practice of mindfulness for a full day, giving ourselves time and space to relax the body, refresh the mind and renew our connection to the profound mystery of aliveness.

This is part of a series of retreats over the summer months that will explore a set of teachings in the mindfulness tradition called “The Radiant Abodes,” which lists four states in which we naturally dwell when the mindheart is truly awake; Lovingkindness (Metta), Compassion (Karuna), Joy (Mudita), and Equanimity (Upekka). The retreats can be taken separately; however, they do build upon one another and taken together, they will deepen our understanding of these radiant states of the heartmind.

Each daylong will build on Lovingkindness (metta), which emphasizes a basic friendliness towards life. Then as the series progresses, we will expand our exploration to include what happens when the loving kind heart meets suffering (Karuna or compassion), when it meets Joy (Mudita or sympathetic Joy), and how the whole of experience can be held in equanimity or wisdom (Upekka). In this practice we start by offering a particular quality of the awakening heart to ourselves and move outwards to include benefactors, dear friends, difficult people and eventually all beings. It can be a challenging practice, but there are many ways to cultivate the seeds of lovingkindness and with patience, we gradually watch our efforts blossom and bear fruit.

Each day will be a mixture of mindful movement, walking and sitting meditation and deeply relaxing restorative yoga. There will be periods of guided practice and periods of “noble silence”. This retreat is a wonderful way of going inward to experience the possibility of clarifying solitude while being held in the stabilizing warmth of community practice; it is a way of allowing ourselves to be alone together.

There will be two practice sessions—morning and afternoon—with a lunch break from 1pm-2pm. During this time lunch can be eaten in the practice space in an atmosphere of friendly silence. Alternatively, participants are free to venture outside to eat at a bench by the adjacent river and/or to take a walk if weather permits. Either way, the encouragement is to preserve the container of silence, because remaining device and chat free at this time allows for a continuity of uninterrupted inward awareness. Please bring your own lunch. Complimentary tea (black/green/herbal) will be available.

The retreat is offered on a sliding scale so that the teachings and practice are available to as many people as possible regardless of financial status. Please register at the level that feels appropriate to you, balancing generosity towards the teacher and the teachings with the reality of your situation.

Sliding scale from €30 / €45 / €60

June 30th will focus on Lovingkindness (metta), August 11th will focus on Compassion (Karuna) & Joy (Mudita), and Sept 1st will focus on Equanimity (Upekka).

Earlier Event: June 15
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