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Balls To The Wall: Yoga Therapy Balls: Full Body Roll Out for Holiday Stress-busting Roll-ief

  • Yoga hOMe Sligo 7 John F Kennedy Parade Sligo, County Sligo, F91 WK59 Ireland (map)



Twas the night before before christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse ... because they were sooooo relaxed from a full body roll out with yoga therapy balls :))) Whether you love the excitement or feel challenged by holiday seasonal pulls on your energy, your nervous system most likely needs a release and yoga therapy balls are the ideal way to let go of unconscious (or conscious) stress in the body. We'll use these magic stress busting balls to massage the feet, low back, shoulders, skull and face--the whole body will feel refreshed, revived and ready for a happier holiday season.

Life is sensational: Learn to Roll with it! We have regular yoga ball workshops every month, each month targeting specific areas of the body, but for Christmas it's a full body roll! Head to toe roll-ief!!

Why Do we need Yoga Therapy Ball Roll-ief?

Yoga teaches us that our whole being is always pulsating with aliveness and sensation. While much of it is enjoyable, inevitably some is not. However, many of us are living with painful sensation that could be avoided, or at least significantly reduced. In this workshop, you will learn how to use Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls to re-connect with your body’s natural liberating intelligence, to reduce muscular stress and tension and to increase your body awareness (crucial for safe sustainable strengthening), and live more happily on, and more importantly, off your yoga mat. 

We all carry our worries, stresses and anxieties in different places in the body. Many of us tend to keep it lodged in our upper torso, literally carrying the weight of our worlds on our shoulders. We become tighter in our minds as tightness settles into the body. Coupled with the effects of hunching forward to drive, operate computers and texting, our whole spinal health is compromised, affecting our breathing pattern, our sleep pattern which in turn affects digestion, elimination and the cascade of ill-health goes on. Even if you work out regularly, you may be carrying excess stress-baggage in your shoulders head and neck, stress that can be relieved with the self-massage techniques of Yoga Therapy Balls.

Life has a wide array of sensational offerings—don’t get stuck in the painful ones. Come learn how to roll out your stuck spots and create more easeful everyday radiant living.

How do Yoga Therapy Balls work?

Simply by being alive, we all encounter pain and suffering, from the smaller inconveniences and panic of a lost keys or smartphones to the daily challenges of work and family relationships, to the life changing impact of heart-breaking diagnosis, our own or that of a loved-one. All of our reactions to these experiences are deeply felt in our bodies and if not released appropriately, this deeply stored imprint will manifest in dis-ease ranging from headache to back pain to instability in the joints and more. All too often, our life issues show up in our deep tissues!

Fascia is the continuous network of tissue throughout your body. It holds you together, is a force transmitter, and houses the wiring that sends messages from back and forth from your body to your brain. Your fascia does you a favor by molding to the postures and activities your body participates in. But when it becomes dense and sticky not only do you feel stiff, but the receptors cannot carry the messages back and forth. It's as if your brain has amnesia about certain parts of your body. As Master yoga teacher Stacey Rosenberg puts it

“Imagine you have the hottest new smart phone. But if you're not connected to a network there isn't much you can do with it. Similarly your body cannot stretch or strengthen a muscle the nervous system does not register”

Even more importantly for many of us, if there’s no connectivity, we are unable to relax overworked muscles and so walk around in with stress and tension locked inside and we become so used to this tightness that we don’t realize there is another way, a way of living with much less pain. The good news is, you can disrupt your unhelpful patterns and increase your body’s full connectivity by working with Yoga ball-rolling massage techniques. You can increase your range of motion and your range of emotion.

Life has a wide array of sensational offerings—don’t get stuck in the painful ones. Come learn how to roll out your stuck spots and create more easeful everyday radiant living.

PRICE: 30euros for a single workshop / 50euros for a package of any two workshops from wide selection / 70 euros for a package of any three workshops from our wide selection. Workshop packages have a 6 month expiration and there are always at least 3 workshops each month if not more