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Special Weekend of Workshops with Guest Teacher Katchie Ananda

  • Yoga hOMe Sligo 7 John F Kennedy Parade Sligo, County Sligo, F91 WK59 Ireland (map)
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Katchie Ananda

is an international Yoga and Dharma teacher whose life’s work has been to explore the practices of yoga and dharma and share their path to freedom with others. Her eclectic background includes certifications in Anusara, Jivamukti, Integral, Ashtanga Yoga by Richard Freeman and many years of practice with her mentor, Buddhist teacher and author Jack Kornfield.

I am delighted to welcome Katchie, my yoga moma, to Yoga Home Sligo, because without her, it is unlikely there would be a Yoga Home Sligo.

I encountered Katchie about 10 years ago, almost by accident, but largely because of what I learned from my studentship with Katchie, my view is that there are no accidents, only opportunities to learn more about our capacities for honest evaluation, compassion, skilful action, and most of all, our ability (and the necessity) to walk a path with heart.

Taking a yoga class with Katchie was my opportunity to wake up to my own confusion and to change direction—thank goodness I somehow knew to grasp that opportunity with both hands, and embrace the practices she offered with my whole heart. After many years of struggle with depression, I began a tremendously healing journey that eventually led to my first yoga immersion with Katchie which then led to a teacher training with Katchie. Although I have since had other important teachers, Katchie’s skilful weaving of yoga and the buddhadharma remains the bedrock of what I practice and teach.

Katchie’s asana alignment instruction primarily draws on the Anusara system and its Universal Principles of Alignment, the Loops, and the relationship of these to the Five Great Elements (Mahabhutas). However, Katchie has been practicing yoga for almost 40 years of and at different times she studied intensively in different traditions of yoga and with a number of important teachers and eschewing fundamentalism, she has her own wise synthesis of alignment which draws on the best of this broad experience, as well as other wisdom modalities, such as Native American Tradition. Her philosophical and psychological approach integrates Tantra, Buddha dharma and Ayerveda.

Katchie is a beloved and accomplished International teacher and I am so grateful for her generosity in coming to Sligo and sharing the wealth of her experience and wisdom with us at our humble little yoga hOMe community and with other Northwest Yogis who wish to join us for this special weekend. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore yoga and dharma with both a truly wise teacher, and a gritty and gracious yogini :)

please note all events will be held at Northside Community Centre—click here for map

To study with Katchie is to be in the presence of a skilled and loving teacher who inspires enthusiasm, dedication and wisdom of body, mind and spirit. Her humane yoga weds together tender care for each person and a profound love of the earth”
— JACK KORNFIELD: Buddhist Teacher and Author of A Path with Heart, After the Ecstasy, The Laundry, The Wise Heart and many more best-selling books on buddhist practice and psychology

Three Special Events—Do All Three or Mix & Match

The Full Weekend can be booked for €125

Friday Sept 27th 7-9pm: An Evening of Yoga & Dharma Stories, Songs and a Guided Meditation. Suitable for All Levels including Those Brand New and Curious, Mat+Chair Yogis & Meditators. €25

Saturday Sept 28th 10am-1pm: Morning WorkshopThe Nectar of Yoga and True Self-Care. For Mat Yogis of All Levels. €40

Sunday Sept 29th 10am-5pm: A Fully Embodied and Joyful Awakening—The Art of Yoga and Dharma. Daylong Yoga Training for Dedicated Practitioners and Teachers* €80

*a dedicated practitioner in this case could be understood as one who has a regular yoga practice that has been consistent over a number of years. This daylong will touch on aspects of practice that are not immediately relevant or suitable for students just beginning practice. If you have questions about whether this might be right for you, call/text Cathi 087 1740357 or email contact Cathi by clicking here

please note all events will be held at Northside Community Centre—click here for map

scroll down for detailed descriptions for each event

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Friday Sept 27th 7-9pm: An Evening of Yoga & Dharma Stories, Songs and Guided Meditation. Suitable for All Levels including Those Brand New and Curious, Mat+Chair Yogis & Meditators. €25

This evening is an exploration of Yoga & Dharma via meditation, reflection and chanting. Katchie will share some of the classic yoga and dharma stories, lead us in some of the traditional chants/songs, and Katchie will guide us in the mindfulness meditation of RAIN, a powerful mindful awareness and compassion practice that helps us quiet the mind, open the heart and nurture our whole being.

This event is suitable for all levels including those brand new to and curious about yoga and dharma. There will be chairs for those who like to sit in chairs and cushions or other props for those who enjoy sitting on the floor.

please this event will be held at Northside Community Centre—click here for map

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Saturday Sept 28th 10am-1pm: Morning WorkshopThe Nectar of Yoga—True Self-Care. Suitable for Mat Yogis of All Levels. €40

In this sweet morning workshop incorporating breath work, asana practice and both yoga and buddhist psychology, Katchie will guide us in her signature practice of befriending “the innocent little creature body” through a practice of wise alignment infused with a potent combination of lovingkindness, patience and play.

What does “innocent little creature body mean”? So often we treat our bodies as slaves, pushing and pulling them around with the basis of the relationship being highly conditional on how successfully they perform in certain pre-ordained ways—I’ll be happy with you if you are thin enough, strong enough, flexible enough, fast enough etc. But these are concepts of how we should be that ignore the fact that we naturally come in all shapes, sizes and with different capacities in all kinds of ways. When we inflict demands for abstract and uniform perfection onto our bodies, it is little wonder that we are often tired, confused, hurt, angry and generally feeling cut off from ease and happiness in ourselves. This is because we are; our oftentimes unconsciously aggressive agenda for success cuts us off from the potential not only for authentic curiosity, playfulness and joy, but also for the powerful healing wisdom of compassionate connection with the reality of the aliveness of our creature bodies and minds as they are at any given time.

This sweet connection that is possible when we befriend our innocent little creature body is the nectar of yoga and the true path self-care. Come see for yourself!

please note this event will be held at Northside Community Centre—click here for map

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Sunday Sept 29th 10am-5pm: Daylong Yoga Training for Teachers and Dedicated Practitioners*: A Fully Embodied, Joyful and Sustainable Awakening—The Art of Yoga, Dharma & Relationship. €80

*a dedicated practitioner in this case could be understood as one who currently has a regular and consistent yoga practice for a number of years. This daylong is not suitable for beginning students. contact Cathi by clicking here if you have questions on whether this is appropriate for you

In this workshop, Katchie will explore two interrelated aspects of practice;

  1. Integration of Yoga and Dharma

    Some students of Hatha Yoga may be aware of and have a practice in the tradition of the Buddha’s teachings, but they may have encountered them separately from their yoga practice and so have not have consciously integrated the two. Other Hatha Yoga students may have little or no exposure to the teachings of the Buddha and so are not aware of the ways in which they two traditions can work together. Bringing the two together can be hugely beneficial for practitioners—as Katchie says; “there is no doubt in my mind that the two of them belong together, and in fact are a perfect match in the quest for freedom.”

    Katchie will work with some of the key teachings of both traditions and show how they bring balance to one another, focusing especially on a teaching central to both the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and Buddhism; the four radiant abodes of friendliness, compassion, joy and equanimity.

  2. Sustainable Practice: How to keep Your Practice Alive But Not Kicking

    Like any relationship, our relationship with our yoga practice changes over time. At first it’s exciting and we clearly experience beneficial changes, but after some time, we may struggle to keep ourselves engaged and disciplined, especially if we are facing difficulties such as; illness and/or injury, changing life circumstances that make scheduling practice difficult, boredom with the routine of our practice, loss of teacher and/or community.

    If we are teachers, we may find that the challenges of teaching sap our own energy and/or enthusiasm for personal practice. Do we need only home practice or would we benefit from taking classes with other teachers? Should we train further—when is enough training enough?

    There are many questions for dedicated practitioners and teachers that we don’t always have the opportunity to discuss in community, or we feel it is too vulnerable to have these discussions. But these are questions we must be willing to ask and share answers to if we are to keep our relationship alive and still meaningful, still enjoyable, still sustainable as we change with the changing conditions of our life. Katchie will offer her perspective, hold space for a community discussion and guide us in practices that support our inquiries.

please note this event will be held at Northside Community Centre—click here for map

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