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DIY YOGA Workshop: Attitude, Alignment, Action. Bringing It Together & Bringing It Home

  • yoga hOMe Sligo 7 John F Kennedy Parade Sligo, County Sligo, F91 WK59 Ireland (map)

Attitude, Alignment, Action. Bringing It Together & Bringing It Home

Have you ever wondered how to apply the physical skills you learn on the yoga mat to the emotional challenges of your everyday life? Have you been practicing yoga for a while but still feel a little confused about what you are “supposed to be doing” in the poses, both physically and mentally? Have you observed the variety of emotions that arise during your yoga class, or afterwards and wondered how to deal with them? Would you like to make a home yoga practice part of your life but just don’t quite know where to start? Have you ever wondered about the “Big Picture” of yoga, the history and philosophy? If you say yes to some or all of these questions, this is a workshop for you!

Yoga really comes alive for us in a transformational way when we can take the yoga off the mat and into our lives, meaning we take the lessons we learn in the asana practice not only into our family, work and community relationships, but also the relationship we have with ourselves. Equally, the process is at its most potent when we learn how to approach the yoga practice not as an escape from our lives but as a place of true refuge; that is a place where we can retreat, welcome ourselves home to the bodymindheart as we are, no part left out. From that place of stability and basic friendliness, we can authentically reconnect with our strength, wisdom and compassion. When we have been nourished and refreshed in our refuge, we can then return to the wider world of our experience with more confidence in our capacities and more to share.

In this special workshop, we explore some essential perspectives from yoga philosophy and see how they inform not only our physical and emotional experience on the yoga mat and meditation cushion, but how they enrich our everyday lives, and how every aspect of our everyday lives becomes fuel for our yoga process.

We explore aligning not just muscles and bones, but aligning intention, energy and action. We investigate the philosophy through the container of both restorative stillness and dynamic postures and so the physical practice becomes a fully embodied philosophical and emotional inquiry. Most importantly, we learn how to create a home yoga practice that meets us as we are and offers us what we need through the changing circumstances of our lives; what practices beneficially perk us up when we are feeling sluggish, what practices ground us when we’re feeling agitated and we learn how to identify whether we need grounding or we need stimulation, or sometimes a skillful combination of both. We keep coming home to the essential inquiry: “how am I right now and what can I do that is both kind and wise to bring me back towards balance, in body, mind and heart?”

This is a 5-hour workshop with a short break mid-way through. But it is not constant physical activity--there will be meditative and restorative stillness, movement, focused breathwork and discussion. It is not suitable for those very new to yoga, but if you have been practicing consistently for a year or two, it may be ideal for you. It’s also suitable for longer-term yoga practitioners who may not have a strong background in yoga anatomy, biomechanics and philosophy and would like to explore those aspects of yoga. If you have any questions about whether this workshop might be right for you, please call/text Cathi 087 1740357

Investment: 60 euros