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Spring Clean Self-Care Yoga Workshop: Session Two: The Upper Body

  • yoga hOMe Sligo 7 John F Kennedy Parade Sligo, County Sligo, F91 WK59 Ireland (map)

Join us for some or all of this series of special Spring-Clean Self-Care Yoga Sessions. You are invited to slow down & connect with yourself in a friendly way, to explore your bodymindheart experience, to see what patterns of thought, movement & action are no longer serving you & to cultivate the capacity to let go of what needs to be released. In the first session we’ll focus on the lower body. In the Second session, we’ll focus on the Upper Body. In the third session, we’ll focus on the core and how to move from the core to the periphery.

Spring is classically a time to clean out the house--to clear out the clutter, open the windows and let in the fresh air and the growing light. We need a similar process for our own physical, emotional and psychological experience. Self-care is what happens when you have the capacity and the courage to meet yourself as you are and respond with the light of awareness, wisdom & compassion.

This Spring Clean Self-Care workshop will combine mindful yoga breath, movement & meditation, yoga therapy ball massage & restorative yoga to declutter and refresh the whole system.

The body isn't just a muscular-skeletal housing, it's the home for the bodymindheart experience, and to feel a sense of belonging in our home, we benefit from not only from a dedication to functionality & spaciousness, but also to an atmosphere of welcome and friendliness.

As we work kindly and carefully with the breath to support our functional movement and massage, the nervous system moves into a state of deep relaxation and we can start to release the tensions in the heartmind, letting go of ideas and beliefs that are no longer needed or do not serve our wellbeing. While some of this cleaning might not feel exactly like fun as we do it, we are approaching the work from an intention of welcoming ourselves home to our body and creating a space that is infused with a sense of safety, appreciation and love.

Restorative yoga is an essential component of this process. It’s a way of returning our system to balance in a world increasingly out of balance. Modern living overemphasizes activity and rest is distinctly under-valued. Generally, we swing from over stimulation to collapse and don’t find a place of sustainable rest and relaxation in between. However, without sufficient qualitative rest, our whole system—body mind heart—becomes chronically stressed and this seriously diminishes our natural capacity for well-being.

Restorative yoga is a powerful antidote to this pattern. It’s not simply a slowed down version of a typical yoga flow class. It has a fundamentally radical premise; that deep relaxation comes from a deliberate and conscious withdrawal from outer activity in order to allow the body's confused and depleted energies to naturally rebalance and so rebound from the effects of chronic stress. It’s not so much a passive process as a practice of receptivity to the potent healing force innate in our system.

After the Spring-Clean Self-Care Yoga sessions, you’ll have more physical, emotional and mental space to contemplate and cultivate the qualities you'd like to call forth in your relationship with yourself and with others. It's the perfect way to move out of the darkness of winter and celebrate the growing light in our lives. 

Booking is highly recommended as space is limited  

Price: €25 for a single workshop / €45 for a two workshop pass* /  €65 for a three workshop pass* / €85 for a four workshop class*

*workshop passes are valid for 6 months from date of sale and can be used at any of our weekend workshops--see workshop calendar for details of upcoming events

IMPORTANT WORKSHOP POLICY NOTE:Workshops that have no bookings will be cancelled 24 hours before the event, so if you are planning to “drop-in” check the LIVE schedule on the website to avoid disappointment