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SPECIAL EVENT: Coming hOMe to your OM: BecOMing the Sound Bath

  • Yoga hOMe Sligo 7 John F Kennedy Parade Sligo, County Sligo, F91 WK59 Ireland (map)
The sound of OM travels forward and back through the mouth along the entire palate, moving through the complete spectrum of possibilities for vowel sounds. As it flows from the lips, back through the mouth, it travels behind the soft palate, where the vibration naturally ends at the upper back vault of the sinuses under the pituitary gland. The ending point of the vibration is called the “bindu”, which is translated as “droplet.” The tapering of the “mmm” sound is called the “anusvara”, which means “the extension of flow”. In Indian thought, the bindu of the anusvara is considered to be a source of a delightful nectar that when stimulated can drip down and saturate all our perceptions and experience.
— Richard Freeman from "The Mirror of Yoga: Awakening the Intelligence of Body and Mind"

Come join us as we soak in a sound bath of our own creation. OM (AUM) is the sound of the Universe. Yoga means union. When we use our breath and body to make the sacred sound and open our mind hearts to the process of connection, we can step into a moment of union with the vibration and aliveness of all things.

In this workshop, you will learn about the practice and the stories of nada yoga, or the yoga of sacred sound. The nada, or internal sacred sound is said to be the sound of the awakened heart and is akin to our own personal om as it resonates with the rest of Being. We connect to this internal sacred vibration by first listening deeply to the outer stories, sounds and harmonies of the mantras and allowing this refinement of our attention and intention to lead us into a deep internal listening and awakening.

There's nothing weird about chanting "OM" -- it's part of our natural expression of radiance. It's just like humming a tune or whistling when we feel good. We very naturally make the sound "mmmm" when we taste something delicious or find ourselves in a state of agreement with another.

The practice of sacred sound is to incline ourselves towards the possibility of feeling connected to this natural capacity for happiness and ease, even when we are not experiencing it in that vary moment. The "mmm" vibration has a very salutaory effect on the nervous system, helping us to settle when we feel agitated and other mantras are designed to revive and refresh us when we feel lacking in energy.

To be immersed in salutory sound from the inside out, as we are when we chant "OM" and other yogic mantras, we become the bell calling ourselves home, we become the sound that soothes, we become that which we seek as we come into the state of yoga. Come join us on the journey hOMe.

Price: 20euro