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Introduction to Metta Practice (Lovingkindness): Moving and Sitting Meditation

  • Yoga hOMe Sligo 7 John F Kennedy Parade Sligo, County Sligo, F91 WK59 Ireland (map)
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“you do not have to be good
you do not have to walk on your knees
for a hundred miles through the desert repenting.
you only have to let the soft animal of the body love what it loves”

— Mary Oliver from "Wild Geese"

In this workshop we will seek to make friends with our body heart mind and find friendship with sitting and moving practice rather than seeing it as another "self-improvement" thing we should do. Yoga, whether as movement or meditation is not about perfecting a posture but rather perfecting our capacity to love, ourselves and others. If this sounds hokey, be warned, it's a fierce practice and one that shows us how challenging it is to love ourselves fully, no part left out. Unconditional love is not for the faint-hearted, it takes commitment and practice and is totally against the grain of the culture we live in.

So often in meditation or on the yoga mat, we bully our bodies into shapes they're not ready for or just not in the mood for or we feel bullied by the practice we think we should be doing. Similarly in life, we push ourselves around all the time, criticizing, blaming and punishing, ourselves and others. Nothing is ever good enough. We are never good enough. This is the deep wound at the center of much of our suffering, the sense that we are not good enough, unworthy, unloved and unloveable.

The teachings of yoga and dharma invite us to come home to a relationship with ourselves that is radically accepting and deeply nurturing. The teachings on the radiant abodes (homes), meaning the four states of the awakened heartmind--lovingkindness, compassion, joy and wisdom--form the basis of this workshop and we'll work with the traditional phrases of Metta, which invoke happiness, safety, health and strength, and finally ease and peace.

Our practice will involve both sitting and moving meditation and there will be time for discussion and questions. 

This practice is the basis of all teaching at yoga hOMe sligo. Come see for yourself what it's all about

PRICE: 30euros for a single workshop / 50euros for a package of any two workshops / 70 euros for a package of any three workshops