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Yoga and The Art of Playing with Poetry in Motion

  • Yoga hOMe Sligo 7 John F Kennedy Parade Sligo, County Sligo, F91 WK59 Ireland (map)

The Winter Light Immersion Series is designed to help you connect with your innate strengths and inner fire, your inner capacity for light, heat, wisdom and love even as the weather grows colder and the days grow darker. 

Poetry in Motion and Playing with Yoga Practice: Creativity, "Flow" and Whole-Hearted Living is the fourth session in the Winter Light Immersion series but each day-long can be taken as a stand-alone experience and even though there will be threads of connection across all six sessions in the series, great benefit can be found in even just one day of winter light yoga—you’ll leave with resources to take off the mat and into your life.

O body swayed to music, O brightening glance, 

How can we know the dancer from the dance?


How do we know the yoga from the yogi? How do we know the poem from the poet? Few things bring us into a sense of oneness quite like yoga and creativity. And poetry has always been part of the yoga tradition. The poses and practices come with myth and story woven into them. The practice is rooted in poems and songs dating back thousands of years. Each time we embody a pose or a chant, we are composing, creating anew. We become breath body and meaning in motion

 For me, the practice of yoga is poetry in motion. It’s not about being perfect in form, “getting it” exactly but about allowing a folding and unfolding of meaning that is felt in and understood by the heart.

It’s not that poems or poses are not about thinking—certainly thinking is important and we have to have some understanding of some underlying themes, but it’s ultimately it’s about learning to move from the heart as opposed to the head. Richard Freeman puts it beautifully

“Yoga is the refinement of the art of thinking, allowing chains of thought to unfold within an open sky of compassion and intelligence”

And the need to move from the heart is not just a poetic metaphor, but a literal anatomical necessity to maintain the integrity of the spine! “Move from your heart” is the constant refrain in my classes.

But it is a challenge to move from the heart, not just physically, but psychologically. The “head” will be the place that offers feedback like “you can’t do that”, “who do you think you are”, and “you’re not good enough”These are the words of fear, and are exactly the kind of phrases that shut down creativity and flow. The heart, once it’s nurtured and strengthened wants the joy and fun of play. The heart will try what looks challenging and offer up its best effort from a place of love not fear

It has to be said that sometimes fear is functional, and plays a role to warn us to take care, but it should not always run the show and unfortunately for many of us it has taken over many areas of our life.

Yoga and meditation with their heart opening practices allow us to re-claim the possibility of living fearlessly--not with no fear, but with less fear. Seeing our fears, but living from a place of love—this is wholehearted living and it’s too important to be taken too seriously. Nothing opens the heart like playfulness and curiosity. And there are few places that address playfulness and fear like reading and writing poetry.

Join us for a day of playing with poetry in motion

In the morning we’ll have a heart opening, fearless movement and meditation practice and in the afternoon we’ll read poems to inspire our own playful and creative explorations whether in words or images. But Fear not Yogis! You don’t have to write poetry, you might draw or take a creative nap, and even if you do “create” something you don’t have to share it with anyone! But you very well might surprise yourself

10am-1pm Introduction to Themes. Morning Movement and Meditation

1pm-2.30pm Lunch provided from the Fabulous Sweet Beat Café (Hearty Salad with Hummus and Fresh pressed Juice) and as always there will be complimentary chocolate and herbal tea! Enjoy the break here in studio and chat with fellow participants, read , take a nap or or take your food to go and enjoy seats by river, take a walk etc

2.30-5.30 Restorative Yoga, Creative discussion and exploration, closing meditation


Investment 75euro for whole day (includes lunch)