Mindful Yoga: Align and Refine

Wed 8.00pm-9.30pm

Price: 15euro for drop-in /  60euro for a 5 class pass (class passes are valid for six months from purchase and can be used for all classes except lunchtime LYFT)

Mindful Yoga begins and ends with attention to our experience in the present moment

This kind of attention is possible for us all ... There is a vast silence around us always. Wherever we are, we can take a deep breath, feel our body, open our senses, and step outside the endless stories of the mind. We can stop> We can rest our awareness in a spacious and compassionate heart. Then we can see thought streams, worries and images as only one part of a much larger story
— Jack Kornfield from "The Wise Heart: A Guide to the Universal Teachings of Buddhist Psychology"

Most of us spend our time either rehashing what has already happened or already living in an imagined future. We live precariously, swinging from reviewing and redoing the past to planning and attempting to control the future, making only infrequent and usually exhausted stops in the present moment. But the reality is that life happens now! It's only ever unfolding in the present moment, so if we are not in the present, can we really live in our lives as fully or as skilfully as possible? Mindfulness invites us into this presence of mind body being. Of course, this does not mean we shouldn't plan, or shouldn't reflect--rather it means that when we do so, we are doing do intentionally as opposed to getting unconsciously pulled back or pushed forward by an agitated or unfocused mind that is unable to be in the here and now. Mindful yoga blends techniques from the hatha yoga tradition and the teachings of mindfulness to help is align with the reality of the present moment and refine our awareness of the breath, body, our thoughts and feeling and the causes and conditions of suffering and happiness.

We begin by stilling the body and anchoring ourselves in the breath which is always in the present moment and then we explore being in and staying in the present moment through movement in the body. We work with both invigorating and relaxing postures, always with the intention of inclining the mind towards wisdom and kindness. We will cultivate strength, flexibility and balance, but our focus is not on the poses in and of themselves, but as a container for a exploring how to open to spaciousness, ease and well-being in all aspects of body mind heart experience. We work with the reality of our situation without attempt to aggressively manipulate, perform or perfect. We meet ourselves where we are and courageously connect with our innate wisdom in order to come to terms with the past and sow the seeds for a happier future.



This class is suitable for all levels. It is a great place to start for beginners to physical practice and/or to meditation practice.