This is a short practice to mindfully meet your body. It's a great 25 or 30 minute practice to try at home if you are building towards a home practice. I recommend a little movement through whole body every day. You can go straight to my video, the "Head to Toe Hello", or you might want to begin with a short mindfulness meditation from one of my teachers, Jill Satterfield


The Head to Toe Hello gets cuts off at the end, mirroring the imperfections of life :)) but finish by doing about 30 swings--new video in the works :)

Mindful Yoga Warm Up: Meeting & Sensing into Body & Breath
supported savasanna.jpg

Afterwards, lay down and rest for 5 minutes, preferably with knees supported by a bolster, or some pillows/cushions and a little towel or blanket roll for head/neck and arms resting spaciously out by the sides palms, facing upwards as in picture below--it can also be reassuring to the system to have one hand on belly one hand on the heart, or both hands on the belly. So experiment and see what suits on any givem day :) I also swear by an eye-pillow. Namaste!