Evening Unwind: Grounding Yoga Flow

Relieve your body mind heart of the burdens of your busy day, re-connect with yourself and prepare to greet the rest of your evening with a sense of spaciousness and ease.

Mon / Wed 6.15-7.30

Price: 15euro for drop-in /  60euro for a 5 class pass (class passes are valid for six months from purchase and can be used for all classes except lunchtime LYFT) 

Throughout our day, we get caught up in all the planning and fixing that a busy work and/or family life brings. The hours are often filled with such a sense of busyness and urgency it's hard to switch off. All that stress can cause tightness in both mind and body, especially if we've been sitting hunched at a desk which causes imbalance in the spine and hips. Or perhaps we've been standing all day and likely we tend to lean into one side of the body more than another. Either way, re-aligning our physical body and our energy body and relieving the whole system of the accumulated tension of the day is a good idea.

The emphasis in this class is to unwind tightness through movements which re-align the body and orient us back towards towards the natural curves of the spine. We'll also open the hips, drawing the tension out of the head and shoulders and ground our energy in the legs and feet.


This process of conscious unwinding in body and mind helps prepare us to really enjoy whatever relaxation our evening has in store and sets us up for a deeply restful night's sleep.

This class is suitable for all levels.