welcome to DIY YOGA 4: The Bowl of the Pelvis

In the coming weeks, I will be adding to this page, but I wanted to remind you of some basic ideas from our last meeting.

“THE PELVIS IS EVERYTHING” Judith Hanson Lasater

As we work with the pelvis we are working with a number of ideas

  1. The first chakra in the pelvic floor (muladara) governing our basic sense of grounding and presence, a sense of safety, stability (stay-ability), connection to the earth. This is the root of the body, the home of the apana (downward flow of energy)

  2. The second chakra in the center of the pelvic bowl, between the pubic bone and the navel, governing our emotions, the spring of our creativity, our sexuality, our ability to “flow”

  3. The pelvis is the where our center of gravity is located, so it’s a key for our sense of balance.

  4. The pelvis is the pot from which the spine rises up, so everything above rests on the well-being of the pelvis (it’s alignment as well as the functioning of the first and second chakra energies)

so the pelvis is a place of both stability and flow and it’s the place from which we both root down and rise up. If yoga can be said to be a paradox or a constellation of paradoxes, then certainly the pelvis embodies this mystery.


1. Natural Tilt (anterior) of pelvis

Practice with cat/cow in the pelvis to feel the moving together and apart of the sitting bones to feel the tilt (sitting bones apart, cow pose) and tuck (sitting bones moving together, cat pose). This is really clarifying for the positioning of the pelvis. THE NATURAL ALIGNMENT OF THE PELVIS IS to be in a tilt of about 30 degrees—in other words, the top of your sacrum triangle should tilt IN TO THE BODY about 30 degrees.

2. Our Core Wraps Around and is more than just the superficial abdominal muscles, so when we work our core we do not lose activation of the back muscles so WE PRACTICE CORE ACTIVATION AND STRENGTHENING WITHOUT TUCKING THE TAIL. We may want to tuck the tail when we want to actively stretch the back, but not to access core. We use the core to activate the core! More about this is session 5, but for now, you should practice “The Cosmic Straw” exercise to feel how strongly we can work core activation with out lengthening the tail, tucking the tail or whatever other pulling out of our natural curve we might have been conditioned to do. It’s not a natural movement of the body. It’s a willful distortion of the curves of the spine and should be reserved almost exclusively to press back against the push of gravity in pose where the torso is either perpendicular to ground (handstand/headstand) or parallel to ground (plank, chaturanga).


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