Chair Yoga

Sit Down

Tune In

& WakeUp!

Getting Fit While You Sit Benefits Every Body!

In Chair Yoga, we work traditional yoga poses but modify them for the chair so that we have solid support as we open space in the body for breath to move more deeply into the places that need nourishment and healing.

The secret to sustainable fitness and well-being lies in the wisdom of the breath. The breath is the doorway to a healthy relationship with the life force, the source of our aliveness. Every body benefits from more awareness of breathing.

We focus on becoming intimate with our innate capacities to engage with the breath, working with yoga techniques to tap into the power of breath to stimulate and to relax as both functions are needed at different times.

Chair yoga is ideal for those for whom fast-paced movement is inappropriate either because of age or injury, but in essence working this deeply with breath is ideal for everybody who wants to relish their aliveness

Join us for chair yoga every Wednesday and Friday 10.30am-11.30am @ carraroe community center, Carraroe, Sligo


Part of yoga is sharing in community, so coming to class has that special ingredient of gathering with like-minded people and supporting one another, but in case you cannot join us for a live class, or want to practice at home in between our classes, here's some very accessible and well presented mini classes, which taken together comprise a perfect 20 min home session--a totally do-able first step towards deepening your yoga by cultivating a daily practice. 

The first is a short mindful check in (8mins) with Jill Satterfield, whom I have studied with and been deeply inspired by; Jill is not only a wonderfully wise and warm mindful yoga teacher, but healed herself from years of grueling chronic pain with these teachings. She's truly inspirational. Learn more about Jill at

The second class is with a teacher I do not know personally, but in this clear and concise 13 min practice, I think she does a really wonderful job of taking you safely through all parts of the body. 

I recommend ending your session by sitting comfortably, or if possible laying down and listening to this beautiful 11 min piece of music “In These Arms: A Song for All Beings” which is based on the teachings of lovingkindness (metta) and just listening to the song is an easeful way to weave metta into your home practice.


Taken all together, these three sessions give you mindfulness, movement and lovingkindness practice—a fully rounded yoga session. NAMASTE